All New In-House AutoResponder & TEXT Responder!

You Now Have the Ability to Deliver the Login and Setup Instructions via TEXT
and Follow Up with Your Prospects via TEXT Automatically!

KEYWORD Feature Now Active!

Official iXQtv Company Sales Funnel

Create the HIGHEST QUALITY Targeted Leads Possible!

Email Verified Prospects that have Tried Your Product!
And are Followed up with via Email and Now TEXT!

Did You Know TEXT Messages have a 98% Open Rate...!

Watch the New Video!

Amazingly Simple & Incredibly Powerful!

Here's What Comes with the System!

FREE Trial Capture Page

Mobile Responsive

Anytime you are going to give a Free Trial to someone, You would send them to your Capture Page. This is what Starts the Process.

Your Prospect must then Opt-in to get the Free 24 Hour Trial of iXQtv.

This is a Very Important Step in the Referral/Sales Process! By Capturing Your Prospects Contact Information You can now Follow-Up with them Via Email or Phone. The Fortune is in the Follow-Up!

This Capture Page is Extremely Powerful as your Prospect must Opt-in to get their Free Trial! In the Long-run, this will be Your Go To Marketing Capture Page as it Will Produce the Highest Quality Targeted Leads for You to Follow up With!

Click Here to View a Sample of the Capture Page
Your Capture Page URL Will Be:

Information Page

Mobile Responsive

The Information Page is Where Your Prospects are Taken After they Opt-into Your Capture Page. This Page is Video Driven to give your Prospects a Step by Step walk through of Verifying their Email Address in order to Activate their FREE Trial.

Here is Where this Marketing System Becomes Incredibly Powerful! Your Prospect is Required to Confirm their Email Address in Order to Get the Free Trial of iXQtv.

This Creates a Double Opted In, Email Verified Prospect.

Confirmation Page

Mobile Responsive

This is Where the Magic Happens!

As Soon as Your Prospect Clicks on the Confirmation Email, they are sent to Your Confirmation Page. The Free Trial System Automatically Attaches one of your Trial Codes to the Prospect and then Submits it to the Corporate Database for Activation!

The Confirmation Page is also Video Driven and walks the prospect through Setting up their Streaming Device while their Trial is Being Activated. This way as soon as they get the Activation Email with their Username and Password, they can just plug it in and Start Streaming!

Seamlessly Walking Your Prospect, Hand in Hand, Through Each Step.

Back Office

Mobile Responsive

The Free Trial System Back Office is the Back End Powerhouse! This Mobile Responsive Back Office Manages your Trial Codes, Tracks the Distribution of your Trials, Automatically Follows Up with your Prospects via Email and Text and Notifies You when you should call your prospects.

This is where you will be able to see exactly who got a trial code, Activation Dates, How Many Trial Codes you have Available, How many Callbacks you have as well as access to download your Marketing Materials.

No more manually submitting Trial Codes! This system does it all for you!

Marketing Materials

You get access to Printable Marketing Materials that are customized with your Name, Phone and Website!

Business Cards, 4x6 Postcards, 5x7 Postcards, Tri-Folds, Flyers, Posters and More!

NEW In-House Email Autoresponder

As Soon As Your Prospect Opts Into Your Capture Page and Clicks on the Confirmation Email, They are Automatically Setup on a Campaign of Follow Up Emails.

This Campaign of Follow Up Emails are All Personalized to Each Prospect and Have Links Back to Your iXQtv Website So When They do Signup, You Get the Referral!

Each Email is Also Customized with Your Name and Phone Number.

This Campaign Runs 1 email every 3 days for 3 Weeks After Your Prospect Confirms Their Email Address.

Following Up is the Most Important Thing You Can do to Build Your Business!

Here is what is Sent Out:

  1. Confirmation Email
  2. Thank You Email
  3. Trial Activation Email
  4. 24hr Follow Up
  5. Follow Up 2 - Sports Focus
  6. Follow Up 3 - Movies Focus
  7. Follow Up 4 - Saving Money Focus
  8. Follow Up 5 - Mobility Focus
  9. Follow Up 6 - Compatibility Focus
  10. Follow Up 7 - Summary

NEW TEXT Autoresponder

The All New Text Responder is Incredibly Powerful! Research shows that text messages have a 98% Open Rate! With this new Upgrade, your prospects have the option to receive text messages regarding the Free Trial! This New Responder automatically sends your prospects their login and setup instructions via Text and also sets your prospects up on a Follow Up Text Message Drip Campaign.

Here's how it works...

When you send your prospects to your your prospect will be presented with the optin box below. There will be a Checkbox that we have your prospects check if they would like to receive their Login and Setup Instructions sent via Text.

Expressed Consent is REQUIRED to send Business/Marketing Text Messages. It's the Law.

When your prospect checks this box, they agree to have us send them Text Messages. Here is what we send out.

  1. Opt-Out Message - Required by Law
  2. Welcome Text
  3. Login & Setup Instructions
  4. Follow-Up when the Free Trial is Over
  5. Follow-Up 7 Days After Previous Text
  6. Follow-Up 7 Days After Previous Text
  7. Follow-Up 7 Days After Previous Text

Each Follow Up Text Contains your Name, Phone Number and Link.
This is a total of a 3 Week Follow-up Text Campaign that is sent out In Addition to the Email Autoresponder!

NEW Text Notifications

As the Business Owner, it's Super Important that you are notified at the right times when to contact your prospects. With the New Text Responder, You will now receive a text notifications when your prospects trial code gets activated and when their trial is over. You will also receive Text Notifications when someone requests a trial using your KEYWORD!

These texts are sent in real time so you know exactly when to contact your prospects!


In addition to the New Text Responder, you will also be able to give out your Free Trials by having your prospects text your username to our phone number!

Here's how it works:

When you get your account with the Free Trial System, We will turn your iXQtv Username into a Keyword on our Texting Phone Number. Then you simply have your prospects text your iXQtv username to 844-944-0916 and it will instantly submit one of your trials for that prospect for activation! This will trigger the new Text Responder to begin the Text Follow-Up Drip Campaign!

Have Your Prospects Text Your Username to


To Get a Free Trial!

The FREE Trial System is Even More Powerful than Before!
Automate the Delivery of your Trials and Follow Up with both Email and TEXT and Expand Your Marketing with the All New KEYWORD Feature!

Order The FREE Trial System Today!
$19 Today and then $29/mo there after

No Need for a 3rd Party Autoresponder!

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